Monday, January 31, 2011

Chef Doy's: Fusion, Flares& Twists of Filipino Cuisine

Daryl is off to HK and China for the week and I reckon you'd only be hearing from me blabbering about my foodie discoveries and restaurant reviews! Anyway, let's get this show on the road! Starting with this place I dined at when I was in Naga. 

After a day of wicked island hopping, we were all worn out. But we still made an effort (somehow) to head to the city and find some satisfying grub. And that's when we stumbled upon Chef Doy's.

Baby Squid in Oil and Spices.
I seriously haven't had anything this good in the longest time.
In my opinion, it was a rather cozy place to eat, it was very homy and the staff were accommodating. For starters, we had Batang Batang Pusit, which turned out to be such a dream. I'm usually not so much a big fan of oily food, but this dish was too good to pass up, that's why I just kept eating more and more. The small morsels of squid were cooked to perfection, succulent and tender. That aside, it was garlicky as well. Seafood and garlic are best friends, there's hardly any way they would go wrong!

Second up, the drinks came. My sisters had the Pineapple-Grape Shake which had a strong hint of pineapple with touched of grape! It was really refreshing, an epic thirst quencher!

Steamy SOUP.
Bangus sa Bayabas, a soup infused with the goodness of guava. It was definitely very traditional, but the guava gave it that nice hint! I even ate some guava that was in the soup, I deem it, spectacular!:)

The tokwa dish was definite fusion cause it had cucumber! It was tangy and smoky. 

Pineapple Chicken now, one of the things that they're supposed to be popular for. The pineapple is really nice and tender! It is subtly injected into the chicken, but I'd say that it wasn't enough. I wanted it to burst with pineapple flavor! POW POW!

A very traditional Filipino dish would be monggo! This is actually one of the things that I discovered really late! I wish I started eating monggo when I was younger, it may not be such a posh dish but it presses all the right buttons!

Lastly came the Bistek Tagalog. It was very very very beefy which is a plus! But I missed the sour contrast that I was constantly anticipating! The beef seemed like it was poached or boiled or at least something of that nature! 

I'd say that Chef Doy's has honest to goodness food! It delivers very fresh flavors that are true to their origin! The thing that I didn't appreciate was their service, sure, the waitstaff was accommodating; but what happened was, they served all the dishes for one table before they actually proceeded to serve the dishes to the other tables! We had to wait for quite a bit, which turned out to be a tad annoying.

Chef Doy's
Magsaysay Avenue,
Naga City, 

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