Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chef Laudico's Bfast: All Day Breakfast Cafe, Makati, Philippines

Bfast at Ayala Triangle Gardens

Some of their deserts seemed inspired and pretty appealing.

A place to have Filipino breakfast with a twist.

It's an all-day breakfast, could it get any better?

All day breakfasts are a win, no brainer!

Well, the concept was amusing. Recycled and repurposed materials made up most of the interior, cool ey? Then again, food might just turn out to be another story.

Kalogs: Served with Sweet Potato and Caramelized Onion Hash,
Choice of Egg and House Toppings(Salmon Tinapa)
I had a Kalogs (That's the name of the dish, I kid you not). That didn't sound quite right. Anyway, the sweet potato and caramelized onion hash was dry and tough. I chose to pair it with the salmon tinapa (cured fish). The salmon was embedded with good flavor but it wasn't pin boned. I had a rather irritable time picking out each and every bone that was present in the fish. Mediocre.

Silog: Served with Bfast Garlic Rice, Tomato Salsa,
Atchara, Choice of egg & house toppings(Tapangus).
This was better than the dish before but it still lacked execution. This dish has a catchy name, it's called silogs. The Tapangus as the call it (tapa+angus beef) fell short of my expectations since it was supposed to be tender since it's USDA beef. 

Spaghetti loaded with egg,
bacon and queso de bola.
Ultimately the item for you if you choose to indulge! It's a take on the Western Carbonara! It was sinfully creamy and I could swear you could probably choke on the amount of cream. Yes, it is that intense. The Queso de Bola gave that slight smokiness that was rather nice. But altogether, it was a little bit too much.

Chair made with woven hessian.


So yeah, that was basically it. I wasn't the biggest fan of the tableware cause it felt like I was using toys! The interior I've got to admit was pretty cool! I'm no chef, no expert, but might I just say that maybe the whole concept just lacked execution? Cause I'm horribly in love with the idea of the restaurant!:)

Chef Laudico's Bfast
The Restaurants @ Ayala Triangle Gardens 
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm

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