Tuesday, January 18, 2011

L'Entrecôte, Taguig, Philippines

We haven't been blogging for... 3 days!

Cause there was a glitch in our system.

It was overly inconvenient but whatever, WE'RE BACK and that's what matters.

Back to blogging- with a BANG!

Posh, posh, L'Entrecôte
So, L'Entrecôte, they say it originated in Geneva, or somewhere in Europe, yeah, something like that. The whole concept of Steak and Fries isn't much of a newbie for me since it's such a regular at the pubs in Aussieland.

The second floor which obviously EMPTY. 
The interiors are very posh and classy. A lot of colorful paintings mask the beige-white walls. The servers wore outfits that remind me of French maids, frankly speaking.

The Bread and Butter
Crusty yet soft inside!
Anyway, onto the menu! The menu as you would expect is filled with considerable varieties of steak, and however considerate though, they do have pescetarian(fish) and vegetarian options. What's primarily significant on the menu would be the USA Angus Steaks and the Local Kita Yama Wagyu. 

So 3 of us opted for the USA Angus Ribeye and Kris got the Wagyu. After choosing your steak, there are choices of sidings and sauces as well.

12 ounce Angus Ribeye & Mash
with a Green Peppercorn Butter

12 ounce Angus Ribeye
with Frites and the SECRET HERB BUTTER SAUCE!

Wagyu and House Salad
with the Secret Herb Butter Sauce
Generally, the steaks were beautifully grilled and crusted. They remained rather moist inside, because they were well rested! But we had issues with the doneness even after the waitress noted our preferences. They came out wrong, medium well took a turn into medium rare- disappointing. That's a rather huge leap, and obviously annoying.

My cousin's INNOVATION.
The famous frites it's served with is reminiscent of shoestring potatoes, PIKNIK, I quote from my uncle. Crunchy hollow too. Mind you, the fries are refillable BOTTOMLESS! But there wasn't any consistency with their cooking, the first batch was rather brown, and the following ones were relatively bland-looking.

The Green Peppercorn Sauce
The sauces were winners. The secret herb butter sauce was foamy on top, but it wasn't oily at all. So how do you accomplish that kind of thing? Any ideas?? It was the extra punch in the dish that completely lifted it from the norm. The green peppercorn sauce was piped neatly even though I would like it to be a little softer than it actually was. The flavor of the green peppercorn came through considerably even though I was expecting the peppery heat.

Ian and Kris
My uncle and his girlfriend
Yes, the happy couple!
And yes again, my uncle wanted to be especially mentioned in this post.
After all, the dinner was his treat.
I know, first people pictures ever, more coming up soon!:)
More like, C &D's are going to be up soon!:)

In toto, I think it's a good place for steak that's if you don't mind things being PRICEY. The service wasn't really worth a penny, I just had to put that in. We had to follow up things a couple of time before they could actually serve us what we wanted. It's disappointing especially after paying a fair bit for the EVERYTHING.

Forbes Town Center
Unit A Bellagio 2, Forbes Road

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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