Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Matutina's, Pangasinan

I'll keep this short as I'm tired and have yet to take a bath and must do my plank exercises. Today's my mom's birthday (happy birthday, Mom!) so my sister and I made a cake for her! Dark chocolate with dark chocolate, lemon, and black pepper frosting. I think it tasted great, but it looked really, really ugly...

Anyway, I'm sticking to my Responsible Blogger Resolution so here goes...

Matutina's is a family-ish looking restaurant in Urdaneta, Pangasinan (this I know because I asked my mom where we were-- we ate here on the way to Baguio). At first, I thought it was going to be a dirty place (I am very distrustful of rustic ambiences, as you may have noticed) but I ended up enjoying my meal. Photos will speak now (and captions will speak even louder!)

Really fresh tasting tomatoes and onions

Bangus, like what we eat at home

Garlic butter crabs, very... margariney?

Oysters. Really fresh and clean tasting! 5 thumbs up.

Eggplant torta-- egg and eggplant, plain and simple. Good!

Calamari... I hate calamari 

Butter prawns. Not bad!

Fish sinigang. Good sinigang! Really tangy and clean tasting.

Complimentary coconut pastillas which I did not eat

If you enjoy homecooked, fresh Filipino food, Matutina's is definitely for you.

Off to get me some abs/ take a bath/ watch Gossip Girl! Heehee.


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