Thursday, January 20, 2011

True Love is like...

Can you guess where we ate?
Sizzling sausage with peppers, onions, and feta

Artichoke and spinach dip with bread and pita

My beloved roka salata
Roka salata: fresh arugula, chopped Romaine lettuce, sun dried tomatoes, candied walnuts, served with shaved Parmesan in traditional Greek vinagrette

Solomos angel pasta: sauteed salmon with tomato, basil, fresh lime juice,  Feta and Romano cheese

Baklava: layered phyllo with walnuts and orange honey syrup

We ate at my favorite restaurant in the WHOLE WORLD (more than Jollibee, Inagiku, Ocean Empire, Uno, et cetera!):CYMA. I have been eating there FOREVER (and by forever, I mean, FOR. EVER.) and I've been pretty much eating the SAME THINGS over and over. BUT I still love it! I still look forward to it! I still CRAVE it.

So I've arrived at the conclusion that TRUE, REAL McCOY, GENUINE LOVE is like.... Cyma! When you first meet the person, YOU GO ABSOLUTELY INSANE because your heart says THERE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT THIS BOY! You tell all your friends and you sigh and you daydream and you can't wait for the next time you see him. Then time passes and The Thrill disappears and the love of your life is less like a thrilling new thing and more like a wonderful, comforting old thing. Kind of like your favorite, beat-up t-shirt from your football days.. Or a bottle of perfume you've had since you were a little girl.. Or a book you've read over and over and over and over again.. Or a song you've played a million times and yet you still LOVE it... Or a restaurant that you have and will always love. Like Cyma. :D

They used to have an avocado, romaine, and beef tenderloin salad. It was my absolute, absolute favorite. That's what made me fall in love with Cyma! It was like HEAVEN. Unfortunately, they phased it out! :(( But my love for Cyma remained! (Another love analogy! Sometimes we fall in love with someone for one particular quality. And if it's real LOVE, even when the person grows out of that quality, the love stays, because you find other qualities worth staying for... )

Anyway, I've been hankering on about love and Cyma for a bit too long! I am just amazed at how I am still in love with Cyma after eating there 1,000,000 times!

The latter captions are verbatim from their menu. My other recommendations include (aside from, LIKE, EVERYTHING):  the osso buco pasta, the beef ribs, the porkchops, the tonnos salata. I also suggest, if you are a lamb eater, that you try the lamb and watermelon salad!


P.S. I think the most comforting idea of all is that if true love is a myth and a lie, we still have our favorite movies, our favorite restaurants, and our favorite shopping haunts to love ad infinitum!

P.P.S. Did you miss me (us)? Thank you CHLOE for putting us back up in Cyberspace!

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