Thursday, January 6, 2011

The sweets at Baguio Country Club

For as long as I can remember, I've loved argyle knits and tennis and Lilly Pulitzer and topsiders and bouncy ponytails. Along the same line, I've also loved the vast golf greens of Baguio Country Club since, like, for-ever!

Sooooo anyway, one of the many things that fattened me up over the hols. (holidays!) was the sweet treats available at BCC! The weather up there is so crisp and there is pretty much zilch to do (once you're done frolicking and dressing up your baby cousins in fur) that you end up just.... pigging.

I wanted to have strawberries and cream at Oh Mai Khan but my mom said it's too sweet there, better have it at the hotel. And so we did, among with other things!

Juicy (overpriced) strawberries

Powdered sugar and sugary cream
I just gaily ordered some, and was rather surprised (later on) at the price! 300something! Really?! Just for STRAWBERRIES, which are supposed to be like the Fruit of Baguio?

We also had the berry mousse. This was a delight and an absolute steal at below 100 pesos. It was so, so, so, good. It gives Baby Yulo's Strawberry Shortcake a run for it's money. I kid you not!! The sponge cake and the mousse and the white chocolate and the fresh strawberries with it... It was just a dream. 

Strawberry-raspberry mousse
Also had a napoleon. Far to sweet!!

And tried the apple pie. Ho-hummmmssss.

On to a more interesting topic... myself! Kidding! Hope you are all having a wonderful new year.

P.S. If you DO want to know what I DO want to say about myself: I realize more and more that I'm just so terrible at decision making. I agonize and agonize and wallow in the lurid swamp of decision-making until I choke on the possibilities and finally die from the pain of the "paradox of choice" (wherein actually having a choice means you'll always regret whatever choice you chose). Good imagery ey?

Must marry someone with epic decision powers. Hohoho.


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