Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top Chef Just Desserts

I'm at home sick from the food I ate yesterday for lunch at the infamous Gloria Maris. I haven't eaten much today cause I feel like everything is just going to come hurling out of my gob. SIGH.

Gail Simmons and the contestants!

Well, what better way to spend a day at home other than catching up on your favorite TV Series. I've got to say that I wasn't ever really into the Top Chef frenzy when it was popular. But maybe because of my slightly boring life in Australia, I think I've already watched the first 4 seasons. Anyhoo, the other day, I flicked on the telly and I saw that there's a new Top Chef series, Top Chef Just Desserts, FANTASTIC!

If only he wasn't gay ey?

The ultimately extravagant Zac Young!
Now, I'm at home watching the show one episode after another. GREAT. May I just say that I love Yigit Pura sooooo much cause he's got such a pleasant personality, and his skills are definitely off the roof even though he might seem like a wallflower at first! And of course, Zac Young as well cause of his flamboyant personality. He translates it really well into his dishes!

See the precision in Yigit's dishes?
And another Yigit dish!

I just finished 7th episode and I seriously wanted TEAM GO DIVA to be on the top 3, but obviously, Heather is gone. I reckon Yigit, Zac, and Morgan will be the top 3! I think Yigit would win cause he has the creativity, imagination, and skill to swipe the judges off their feet and the prizes into his pocket!

Ps. I get so annoyed at Danielle. I don't even think she deserves to be in the TOP 5! Heather should be in her place! I mean, like what Zac said, I'm not even sure she has the right set of skills! She also constantly makes faces that's makes her all the more not tolerable!

Top Chef Just Desserts
8pm every Tuesday on ETC
or you could always stream online, like yours truly!:)

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