Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Harry Potter, Pastry Style

Harry Potter in person pastry! 

I was at ISCAHM for my weekly cooking class. I arrived there early, and there was a whole modge podge of people swarming over a big table. I wasn't that excited cause I was preoccupied with some other things!:) So after a lot of the people left the area, the HARRY POTTER MASTERPIECE was unveiled. It's gorgeous.

..Now, it's time for PHOTO DUMP.

The only thing I don't see fitting is probably the FONT!

..,and this is where they LIVE, supposedly.

See the pebbles?
Epic detail, right?:)

My favorite bit, HAGRID. 

See the painting done and the intricate detail?

Fantastic pumpkins, see the texture??


Mind you, everything is made of pastry! But sadly, they were put together with super glue since some elements would totally tip off cause of the weight! But chhhyeah, this is fantastic work! Except, Harry Potter was missing!

May I just say the Pastry Students are so pro. They even bring their own Kitchen Aid Mixers, how cool is that?

Just so you know, ISCAHM is even more fun and better than I expected. GLORIOUS!:)

4F FBR Bldg, Katipunan Avenue
1108 Quezon City, Philippines
T [63] 2 926 8888 / 920 1481
F [63] 2 426 7672

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