Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bonjour, BON CHON

So I've been an avid Chicken Charlie fan all my life (okay, that's an obvious exaggeration, since Chicken Charlie hasn't been around for very long). I just ADOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE Chicken Charlie. Also Wings N Things. And Chuck's Deli (they don't have buffalo wings but they do have a buffalo wing sandwich). And I finally got to try Bon Chon Chicken and I loved it, too! (So maybe it's not the particular places I adore. It might just be the buffalo wings in general).

Here we go! : )


Packed with people at 3pm

Daryl <3 Esquire

It was absolutely PACKED at 3pm and we were so lucky to get a table! I ordered 6 pieces of chicken wings, mixed flavors (there are only TWO flavors, soy-garlic and spicy). The skin was crisp (but I think Chicken Charlie's is crisp-ER) and the meat was tender (but I vote Chicken Charlieeee) and flavorful (but still! Chicken Charlie! Chicken Charlie! CHICKEN CHARLIEEEEEE).

I also had kimchi coleslaw. Now, I absolutely LOVE coleslaw (when it's done properly) and I am a MANIAC for kimchi so I was thoroughly excited to try this. And I tell you, it DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I loved it SO MUCH, I actually had TWO orders of it! It was faintly spicy and very cold and refreshing! I was very, very, very happy with it. It was the perfect match for the wings!

So if you're in the Ayala area, I suggest you pop by Bon Chon Chicken and eat 5 orders of kimchi coleslaw :9

Must run! I would love to stay and babble (like I always do) but it's busy season!


PS thanks a bunch to my epic friend who took all the photos for me. heehee

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