Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So What Would You Consider As A Pig Out?

Chicken Charlie. Ristras. Serenitea. Yes, it's the J. Abad Santos Trio.

I love having foodie friends who are much like me- they aren't afraid to indulge and try new things.

And this is where my friend Cheska comes in.

It's been forever since our last food trip, and Thank GOD we actually had time to catch up and everything!

Oh and this is the day that I totally said BYE BYE to my diet!

This is me being impatient.


First restaurant on our agenda, Chicken Charlie which is constantly being raved about these days especially with this fried chicken frenzy! We started with a side of wedges which had a crisp brown skin, the sauce was much like ketchup with a certain plus pluses. Would it have possibly come from a freezer bag? YES, a definite YES. 

The Chicken Combo!
We split a chicken combo which had wings as well as drumsticks. According to my foodie friend, the drumsticks in Bon Chon are far bigger. Anyway, as per my observation, the skin was browned well but not reddish. The salty skin showed no depth of flavor,it was all SOY which in a way drove the attention away from the chook. From my memory, my dearest bff, Daryl adored Chicken Charlie. So, shall we wait for her post?:) Yeah, I reckon!

And more chicken now!:)
Check out my other Ristras post!:)
Second agenda, Ristras! So as you might've read before, I LOVE this place. It was overly full when we arrived, but gratefully, we landed a table! I love the fresh vibrant flavors that just encouraged me to munch, munch, and munch some more. We could hardly finish the chicken burrito that we shared! 

And... Serenitea.
Strangely, Cheska got to squeeze in some room for Serenitea! We had a medium size each. Now, thinking about the things we ate, I can't even imagine how we squished everything down. It was both our first time to try Serenitea! We chose the two bestsellers, cause they were supposed to be good and promising! We made no mistake! And the thing that I love about Serenitea is the fact that you could choose the percentage of sugar that you want. After a toxic/FATTY night, I just had to go 0%!
We had such a smashing time! Too smashing, that's why I forgot to take pictures! Plus, it was raining waaay too hard as well! And we hope to have a Binondo food trip soon with our foodie/piggy friends real soon!

Chicken Charlie
15 J. Abad Santos,
Little Baguio, San Juan

Ristras Mexican Grill

J. Abad Santos corner Lopez Jaena, San Juan
(From Wilson Street in Greenhills, turn right at Alex III)

J. Abad Santos cor V. Cruz,
San Juan City

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