Friday, January 21, 2011

Bar Dolci, The Fort, Philippines

Before heading home after a long dinner at L'Entrecôte, something caught our eyes just as we were heading to the parking area.

BAR DOLCI. There were scores of people inside.

From what I've read and heard, it's pretty good.

So, we headed in for some sweet treats!

All the tempting and colorful flavors of gelato.
I swear I would've had them all if only I wouldn't gain a pound!
There was a whole section just filled with gelato. And there were lots of people cramming to have a look, and some having a taste or two. As for my tasting, I had the White Chocolate-Wasabi, Indochine and the Thai Tea. The flavors are really innovative and amusing.

My salted caramel & extra dark.
In the end, I had two scoops, Extra Dark and Salted Caramel. Okay, I don't know who in their right mind could pass up Extra Dark, it was EPIC! It had the full on chocolate blast in your mouth which really reminds me of my favorite, Green & Black's! And the salted caramel might just be my new favorite flavor. Even the texture resembled caramel, that's what I call dedication. The caramelized burnt flavor really pushed through as well! TWO THUMBS UP!

Bubble Gum & White Chocolate
I had to try my cousin's bubble gum since he said it was pretty good! If I were a kid, I would've begged my parents for more. It wasn't too sweet, it had  a complex flavor that was really really good.

MACARONS, I believe they're the next BIG thing.
If only I had the money, I'd start a macaron shop ASAP.
Next stop, macarons. I've always had a thing for macarons. I love those ones in Lindt Cafe, Australia. They're luscious and the flavors come through and hit all the right notes. These are in a way, comparable. I'd say that this place really loves their caramel! They even made chocolate chip caramel which my sister loved to death! The texture was a tad bit grainy but all the elements were spot on! I'd definitely like some more please.

I'd say that there's bound to be more visits to Bar Dolci, I think it's AWESOME.

Bar Dolci
F133 Forbeswood Heights
corner Burgos Circle
Bonifacio Global City

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