Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ninyo, Katipunan

Hello, world!

The other night, I had dinner with ma maman et petite soeur at Ninyo. It's a small, quiet restaurant with pretty interiors. I loved how they had KOI (the goldfish) towards the entrance. And once inside, you are literally FLOODED with the smell of sampaguita (from the candles, not a plant. I would have loved it if the smell had come from a real, actual plant).

It was raining like no tomorrow outside and I was starving and reading Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex while waiting for my mom and sister to arrive...

I just want to make a plug for The Second Sex. I suggest that everyone READ it. I think it has changed my life (in terms of how I perceive women, including myself).

Anyway, are you ready for the photo flood?

Pumpkin soup cappuccino, with bits of hard bread inside

Comment: Soup was not as HOT as I'd like, and not as flavorful or thick. Rather watery : (

Wasabi oysters: oysters in wasabi batter, atop lettuce leaves and topped with a special sauce + caviar

Comment: THE BEST DISH WE ORDERED. MUST TRY. Maybe I'm a bit BIASED because I am only the biggest oyster maniac you will ever have the good fortune to meet (heehee) but I promise, it sure was GOOD. And very innovative. Should I ever return, I'm definitely ordering all their oyster dishes.

Uni balls
Comment: It's just uni (sea urchin), heavily battered and deep fried. So-so! I love how they put them together with fried carrots though. It was like a NEST.

Kalamansi sorbet

Comment: Very fresh, refreshing, and a FUN TAKE on the standard sorbet.

Nori encrusted fish fillet with wasabi sauce served with...

Comment: They complemented each other. The vongole was tasty and the nori-crusted fish was just BRILLIANT. 
Coffee encrusted steak on a bed of mushroom ragout, served with coffee cotton candy and veggie tempura

Comment: The steak was marvelous, and the tempura was crispy and hot. Unfortunately the mushroom ragout was rather lukewarm (temperature-wise) and ended up being a bit itchy down my throat : ( I love how they paired the steak with such a FUN, INSANE thing like coffee cotton candy, though!
Generally speaking, I loved the concepts and all the FUN ideas. Very, very unfortunately, though, I think they had issues with food temperature. A lot of the dishes served were not exactly HOT! : ( And that kind of ruined it : (

As Chloe says, "Great concept, fail execution!"

D :)

How I'll be sure #1: You'll be the kind of person who can make me laugh so hard, whatever beverage I'm drinking will come out of my nose. : )

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