Sunday, January 30, 2011

The New Year's Eve Dinner

So January's almost over and I've yet to tell you about our New Year's Eve dinner!

I went absolutely crazy that day. My room was a terrible mess (the results of a year's over-shopping, panic buying, hoarding... you add the synonyms) and there were TWO huge "orocans" (pinoy-speak for LARGE plastic boxes) full of CLOTHES! And shoes strewn all over the floor... And clothes PILED on the bed... Cosmetics making molehills on my dresser... Accessories on top of the telly, on the bedside table... It was chaos. Not to mention the paperbags full of bags, scarves, hats, beads, and gowns I had stuffed under my bed! (This was perhaps the most challenging and stressful aspect of all, because it was so dusty).

So, for the whole of DECEMBER 31, 2010, I locked myself in my room and sorted through the entire mess. I ended up with FOUR ginormous garbage bags full of unwanted stuff. I just FORCED myself to give away the stuff I would never again wear. It was awfully painful, because I've always held on to the hope of having a garage sale or succeeding on selling everything on eBay. But I just decided that it wasn't worth the headache of a TERRIBLY MESSY room... It had reached a point wherein I couldn't study anymore because the MESS was so stressful!

Now my room's absolutely airy and everything in my closet (well, not everything, I always exaggerate too much) is in the spectrum of browns and tans and taupe and cream. I am absolutely in love with those colors right now. They are to me what GRAY and WHITE once were. I'm very happy because everything in my closet is wearable-- the most ridiculous and unwearable thing I have right now is a pair of embellished and partly-crocheted Diesel jeans my grandma bought for me from a trip abroad. They are crazy and not going to be in fashion for quite some time (not to mention far too big for me now) but I just couldn't give them away... Okay, I'm deviating too much away from food now...

It was around 10 hours of full-on cleaning! Not lying! There is no hyperbole going on in that sentence-- I really spent 10 hours cleaning out my room. I was so into it that I didn't eat a single thing. Which was perfect because I knew that I was going to PIG OUT come evening. And I really did!

Here's what greeted me (after a nice, long shower):

Black pepper prawns


Roast beef with red wine au jus

Suckling pig

Fresh mushrooms sauteed in truffle oil and butter

Creamed spinach

Garlic mashed potatoes
Cheese and berry platter + vodka, from Russia with love

Chocolate coated strawberries

You can only imagine how much I enjoyed this feast after the ordeal that was the cleaning of my room! Everything was homemade (by my aunts, my mom, the househelp) with the exception of the suckling pig, so everything was absolutely DELISH! My aunt also made callos, and another aunt made artichoke dip.. I'm sorry for the lack of photos, I got too carried away stuffing my mouth...

Anyway, I must get back to banging out a Philo paper. And then I'm going to finish packing because I'm off for a trip! I PROMISE to take lots and lots of pictures and to fully entertain you all when I get back. 


P.S. I am currently loving: red lipstick, Time by Cute is What We Aim For, making bets at the lottery, and my new camera! Just had to share that. Bye!

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