Monday, January 10, 2011

Terrace at 5th, Greenbelt 5, Makati

Have you ever eaten at Terrace at 5th? I loved it!

I went there with my friends James and Vince and here's what I had!

Of course I didn't just eat bread! Clickity-click!

Beef stew with root veg and gravy

Pork belly cooked for 12 hours with reduced balsamic gravy

the insane tofu salad: in japanese dressig drizzled with truffle oil and bonito flakes

I loved all the food. Everything tasted so CLEAN and healthy and I just gobbled up EVERYTHING!

By the way, the servings in the photos are all SPLIT. I'm really into splitting now! I split the two mains with Vince and the salad with James. The salad is to die for. It is CRAZY. I have never tasted a more heavenly tofu dish in my entire life (and you must take into account that I am a tofu fanatic).

Cheers and beyond, 

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