Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The After Gym Lunch

Yes, Yes, YES.

You'd be really jealous of me cause I had a phenomenal lunch, and I cooked it all by myself. It's not complicated at all, it's actually crazy simple. Just do as I say.

Asparagus: Snap off the end so you get rid of the annoyingly stringy bit, then rinse. Bring a pot of water to boil, and drop in the asparagus, give it 10 seconds, and scoop it out. This is called blanching. Heat a pan with olive oil and put your asparagus in. When the color changes ever so slightly season with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon. Set aside.

Ham: Fry the thick-cut* ham in the pan where you cooked the asparagus. Make sure it's a tad brown and charred, YUM! I really wanted proscuitto but I completely forgot about it when I was in the grocery cause I was starving.

Poached Eggs: In the same pot where you blanched your asparagus, add a teaspoon of vinegar to the water.** Drop in your egg gently and use a utensil to carefully coax the white to form a blob around the yolk See, I was in a hurry so my eggs didn't really turn out fantastic.

Turkish Bread: After everything has been cooked, toast your turkish bread, make sure you get all those brown crunchy bits. I think turkish bread is one of the best breads ever. It's so soft and flavorful at the same time. Substitute normal bread with Turkish Bread and it'll level up things, it'll be heavenly. Rub a sliced clove of garlic all over it once it comes out of the toaster! It makes a huge difference!:)

This is a perfect healthy dish perfect for revving up your bod right after that butt whooping gym session. I swear I could definitely use another serving. HAHA. PIG.

* I had a realization the other day, the stuff in packets that we buy in the grocery aren't actually ham, roast turkey, or chicken. They're sad sad sad excuses for the real thing. So, this might be the last time that I use something that comes in the packet. I'm going for the authentic real Mccoy the next time around.

** I know it sounds a bit odd having the vinegar in there, but trust me, it won't affect the flavor unless you overdose. It keeps the egg white from separating and getting all over the place. You might end up with egg drop soup if you skip this step! HAHA.

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