Friday, April 22, 2011


Don't you reckon that life gets pretty monotonous and boring at times? I need an adventure, a blood-sucking, head-rolling, bone-snapping ADVENTURE. I need a diversion, don't we all? So here it is, the first diversion, in the form of a blog post.

8 Things I'm Loving, and 1 Thing I'm pissed about.

1. Jazz and electro pop had a baby and it was named The Bird and The Bee.  They are a musical duo based in Los Angeles; they're different from your norm of pop and rock. I love them so much that they have been playing pretty much non-stop every single moment when I'm on my computer. Try listening to singles such as My Love, Heard It on the Radio, and Rich Girl.  YAY for indie music.

2. Wholemeal Turkish Bread. You're missing out on a lot if you haven't tried Turkish Bread. It's like the outcome of the marriage of Indian Naan and the everyday loaf. They are heaps of air pockets which give heaps of texture when you toast it.*

RUN for your life.

It's YANG.
3. CARDIO WORKOUTS. I love cardio workouts as much as Cristina Yang** loves her Cardio Thoracic Surgery. I used to hate running and all that, but things do change, you know. Especially when you want to drop the weight. I do around an hour of cardio more or less thrice a week! YES, CARDIO! Mind you that includes rowing, and cycling. I'm intending on buying a bicycle, any suggestions?

4. Rayban Aviators- The epitome of hot and bad ass. It's a staple in my bag- enough said. 

5. Grey's Anatomy. It's probably the only series wherein I've watched each and every episode. I'd like to think I'd be a surgeon if only I wasn't so lazy.

6. Patterned Tights. My love for tights has never died. Never died. Patterned tights have been making their appearance pretty much everywhere these days. They make legs look extraordinarily hot and  interesting. I'm buying some tomorrow.

7. Snickerdoodles. Made them and ate them for the very first time. It's love in my gob. Click here for my Snickerdoodle post and recipe.

8. Newtown. I've been to Newtown twice in the past week. King Street is filled with exotic and capturing restaurants, I can't wait to try almost all of them. Moo Gourmet Burgers and Sabbaba are the two that I've dined in so far.

9. The ONE thing I'm really upset about is the price of bananas! I know it sounds rather absurd, I haven't eaten bananas in the longest time. I'd have them so very often in the past, but now, the prices have gone mad. I wanted to buy some to make some oatmeal-banana bread this week, I wanted 3 bananas. 3 bananas. 3 bananas cost $10! That's enough to buy me a Wagyu Burger at Plan B. Holy COW. 

* I don't eat bread that's not toasted. It's chewy and doughy and EWW. I like it hot and crusty.

** Shame on you for not knowing who Cristina Yang is. She's a surgical junkie from Grey's!

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