Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kinda Lazy Sunday Pick Me Up

So, any clue?
Sometimes, life can prove to be very tricky. 
Sometimes, I have a hard time falling asleep. 
Sometimes, I lay in bed for 3 hours and I still can't sleep. 
Sometimes, at 2:27am I decide to make french toast with maple syrup.*
Sometimes, church could be pretty BORING and you find yourself on the verge of falling asleep.
Sometimes, all you need is a good pick me up to make the day all better.

This is what prep looked like.
This brings me to My Kinda Lazy Sunday Pick Me Up, it might not be the BEST name, but boy, I'm tired. As of now, I've devoured half of it and eager to move on to the next half. But since I'm so in love and caught up with it, I might as well right about it now. 

I think it looks pretty.
My lazy sunday pick me up is 
in the form of an open-faced sandwich.

1. Wholemeal bread- toasted until crusty.
2. Willow Farm's Semi-dried Tomato Dip.**
3. Oakleaf Lettuce
4. Roma Tomatoes
5. Smoked Salmon!***
6. Lumpfish Caviar- For the salty factor. And maybe the flashy factor too.
7. Crush of Pepper and Squeeze of Lime- Of course you'd want a sandwich to be seasoned.

It's a beautiful day, carpe diem!
I've been rather lazy with my sandwich making lately I guess it's cause I'm swamped with schoolwork for starters! More often than not, I just toast up some bread, spread some mustard, wash some veg, and slap on some ham. I mean there's nothing really wrong with that combo, but I guess it's nice to give sandwiches a thought and reinvention every now and again. After all, the perfect combo could be mind-blowing and change the whole course of your day like it is doing to mine!:)

* I totally wish I was kidding, but I'm not! That's what I was up to during the said time!

** I just picked it up this morning, it looked pretty enticing when I was in the grocery and may I just say that I have no regrets buying it! It's creamy and it has chives too! LOVE IT.

*** There's nothing that could take the place of smoked salmon in my heart! I could eat epic proportions of it!

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