Friday, April 1, 2011


There are THREE things you must do when in Hong Kong. 
Number one: Eat at Ocean Empire (click HERE!)
Number two: Eat a true blue HK egg tart, with fresh orange juice (click HERE!)
Number three: Eat at the Brit sandwich franchise, PRET-A-MANGER. 
They have the best. Sandwiches. Ever.

Not to mention they have extremely wonderful YOGURT!!!

Yogurt cup with honey, bananas, and granola

 German Meatball wrap: meatball, Emmenthal, onion, oregano, chili tomato sauce

 Classic Super Club (chicken, bacon, salad mix, tomatoes, mayo)

 Egg salad and salmon sandwich

Beautiful, beautiful granola! Whenever we hit Pret-A-Manger, I can't stop at just ONE yogurt cup. I have TWO or THREE!


Another hot wrap: Sweet Potato Falafel

Falafel, Emmenthal, pepper, onion, chili tomato sauce

Fresh goodness!

Awesome drink selection

My beloved yogurt cups, along with desserts I've never tried. I'm COMMITTED to my greek yogurt!

Sandwich choices (they run out REAL fast)

Heaven in a cup 1

Heaven in a cup 2

What I love about PRET:
-The bread is thick, chewy, and FRESH
-The fillings are amazing, creative (what really made me fall in love was their Crawfish + Avocado sarnie), and FRESH
-As I've said (many, many, many times), they have THE. MOST. AMAZING. YOGURT.

There are TWO places to go, when you want your Pret-A-Manger fix:
A. Admiralty station, on the way to the HUGE H&M (this is usually my favorite habit: eat a yogurt cup at Pret, shop crazy at H&M, then hit Pret AGAIN!)
B. IFC Mall; here they have a bigger franchise and wider selections


P.S. Remember what I said yesterday about The Kindly Ones being boring? I totally take it back. Right now it's breaking my heart :( 

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