Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seconds and Thirds at Bar Dolci

Sometimes, once is NOT enough. 
Click here for the first Bar Dolci post!
You've got to head for seconds, and who knows, possibly even thirds! 

First time around, I went with my uncle, his girlfriend, and my cousin. The second, I voluntarily brought my two delightful sisters after their hectic training. The third and last time was right before departing Manila, it also happened to be after my sister's swimming competition. So far, it hasn't failed me or my expectations. It has been great!

The gelato selection.

And the macaron selection!
They've got chocolate coated ones now as well!:)

Isn't this like the coolest display case ever?
It's so clean and neat!
Plus, they've got COCKTAIL POPS here!
I reiterate- COCKTAIL POPS!
I totally have to try the cocktail pops next time! I saw gin and tonic and a couple of other interesting ones!

So this is how much food we had.
Two scoops of gelato for each person.
And 5 macarons to share!:)

Gelato that I recommend:

1. Extra Dark for the chocoholic! This is my personal favorite! It's easting an 85% Green & Black's Chocolate Bar.*

2. White Chocolate- Wasabi for the one who wants to try something new! Creaminess of the white chocolate and the kick of the wasabi- genius!

3. Bubble Gum for the inner kid in you. My sister loves it. I'd compare it to the bubble gum you get in gum ball dispensers!

4. Salted Caramel for the gourmand. HMM. I think this is the most capturing one. Picture yourself at a candy shop and tasting their salted caramel straight from the big cauldron. This is exactly like that, except chilled!

5. Strawberry for the health conscious fruit freak. Let's face it, there's strawberry ice cream and gelato everywhere; but this is different. This is like a Boost** strawberry smoothie.

Lemon Curd, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Caramel,
Salted Caramel, and Ferrero.
You don't spell macarons with double oo's. The ones with double oo's refer to those coconut ones which in my opinion aren't as pleasant as these! My ultimate pick would be the Ferrero right side up front in the picture!

Bar DolciF133 Forbeswood Heights
corner Burgos Circle
Bonifacio Global City

* I absolutely love Green & Black's so it's definitely an honor to be compared to it! And I wish I had some with me right now!

** Boost is a juice bar where you can get awfully great smoothies and crushes. I often head there right after a bloody tiring gym workout.

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