Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Breakfast of Sizable Proportions

Today I would like to begin with non-rhetorical questions.

Am I a pig? Yes.
Have I been intern-ing all day, sitting in front of my laptop for 9 hours? Yes.
Am I extremely jittery, antsy, and full of pent-up energy because of aforementioned experience? Yes.
Am I going to be a skinny pig? Yes.
Will I be seen with gazelle-long legs worthy of being serenaded The Girl From Ipanema? Yes.

I know I'm not making much sense, but really. As I've said (or questioned myself?) earlier, I've been doing my 9 hour intern job all day and it's muddling my brain up a bit. Honestly, after sitting in front of a computer for 9 HOURS, I'd really rather never see a computer again (slight exaggeration) but being a devoted blogger (not an exaggeration at all, wink wink), here I am!

So before I embarked on the fruit of my intern idea, I was lazing around and having long, leisurely breakfasts...

Beautiful steel-cut oatmeal, topped with toasted oats, stewed cinnamon apples, and honey

Organic eggs, scrambled in salted butter

Home-made bacon

Kiwi, apple, and wheatgrass juice

Kesong puti

And that, my dears, is what I'd eat in ONE SITTING, browsing through the newspaper and/or reading a book! Then I'd have a cup of green tea, and trawl up the stairs for a bath, after which I'd continue lying around in bed and reading. That certainly isn't my life right now, but it will be again in a few days' time! AWESOME. I'm also going on a trip (but I shan't tell you where just yet!) so expect a lot of interesting chow!! :)

To end, I would like to share my bucket list for 2011 (I swear to achieve all of these):
1. Get gazelle-long legs, as mentioned above. I am serious. I will starve/exercise/yoga myself to death in order to achieve this. Then I will wear the most scandalous, ridiculous, ostentatious, skanky, shameless pair of shorts this side of the Third World has ever seen.
2. Fulfill my childhood ballerina dream. I am serious about this too. I have always wanted to be a ballerina, and if I start now, I could be pirouetting in a year's time!
3. Have an extremely, painfully organized closet. I am serious about this too! We're moving into our new house this year and I fully intend to rid myself of all my junk, so that when the time comes, I'll have a beautifully arranged closet! I can see it now... knits all folded up, jeans arranged according to shade, dresses grouped by style and occasion, my scandalous & skanky shorts given a place of honor...
4. Do something really nice for someone. I know exactly what the something is and who the someone is but I can't spoil the surprise! :)

Cheers + way too much energy,

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