Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sabbaba, Newtown

It's raining today! I specifically woke up early this morning to get a head start at the gym so that I could have a worry-free/ guilt-free day frolicking around Glebe markets and the City. But then, some things never really go as planned. Instead of moping about the sad gloomy day, I'll just write about my Sabbaba experience.

Sabbaba is a quirky name, don't you think? Sabbaba, Sabbaba, Sabbaba! HAHA. Sabbaba is slang for "no worries"! It's a Middle Eastern restaurant cafe that was founded in Bondi 11 years ago, I repeat 11 years ago. Such a shame that I've only been there recently. This branch in Newtown is their third one, and it's fairly new, opening late last year.

Pretty much all the walls look like this, snazzy ey?
I think Sabbaba is cool. The place is airy, graffiti line the walls, and a lot of white-wash wood tables are in sight. It's the sort of place where you'd want to chill with friends while having some good grub- not to mention everything is fresh and healthy!* NO WORRIES. 

Once we approach the counter, the staff asks if we've ever "Sabbaba'd" before, and we say nope. 

So, how do you Sabbaba? 

1. You pick one of the following: Pita pocket, bowl, or plate. I won't try explaining, it's confusing. Refer to the picture above.

2. Then you pick your filling afterward, whether it be meat, felafel or halloumi.

3. Get your number, and let the waiting commence.

Chicken Shish!
We ask for recommendations, and apparently the Chicken Shish and Lamb Kofta are the best-sellers- for the meat eaters. Without any hesitation, my friend and I order precisely those two, both in the pita pocket. And I upgraded mine to a value meal with hot chips and a ginger beer for $4.90. Pardon me, I was starving.

Lamb Kofta Pita overstuffed with tabbouleh.
The was brought to our table, and it looked phenomenal, phenomenal.** The pita was really fat and happy looking. You could hardly see the meat filling cause the toppings and sauces were just over the top.

Cross-section, chyeah.
The pita pocket was soft, and it resembled Turkish Bread so much.*** It was so green, so vibrant! The veg was really fresh and crunchy, it melded with the sauces so well- especially the smokey hummus. When I was halfway through the pita, that's when I spotted the lamb kofta. It was well-spiced, well-seasoned as well. There were 2 plump lamb patties! And may I just say that I LOVE the addition of pine nuts? My mouth is watering right now, kay. Oh wait, we had an issue with the temperature of the meat, it wasn't warm at all, but other than that, everything was two thumbs up!

The hot chips were HOT CHIPS. Not too much to say about that really. Except that they were done right.

And who could possibly resist ginger beer? Ginger beer, ginger beer, ginger beer! I absolutely adore ginger beer and lemon & lime bitters!

I'll definitely go back to Sabbaba cause they do food justice. It's fast tasty and healthy food perfect for the midnight fix right after one too many at the bar.


148 King St
Newtown, Sydney

9519 8084

Mon to Wed- 7am- 10:30 pm
Thu- 7am- Midnight
Fri- 7am- 1am
Sat- 7am- Midnight
Sun- 7am- 11pm

* The pita bread at Sabbaba is bakes in-house every hour.

** When I say things twice, I'm really trying to stress my point.

*** I seriously have a soft spot for Turkish Bread. God bless the Turkish.

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