Friday, April 22, 2011

My first ever haiku

So I'm brain dead (sleepy? tired?) but I miss blogging so I'm going to compromise with myself (what?) and keep things REALLY short by sharing my newly written, first ever haiku with you. It's in honor of Mario's oysters.*

Tempura upstairs. MAGICAL OYSTERS downstairs.

A Haiku for Mario's Oysters

Why you taste so good?
Makes me want to fly, or die
Nothing is better

I hope I made you laugh. I swear I'm not this stupid in real life (what?)-- I'm just pooped from packing like a maniac and having a photoshoot with my friend for our new business. It was REALLY fun but now I just want to lie down and semi-die.


*Mario's has a special buffet every Sunday. Which happens to be (in my mind) the best buffet ever because they have the best oysters ever. Because in case you didn't know, oysters=the world to me.

Mario's Restaurant Quezon City
191 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Gandia
Quezon City
Telephone: (632) 372-0360 | (632) 415-3887 

Mario's Baguio
Session Road
Baguio City
Telephone: (074) 442-4241

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