Monday, April 18, 2011

C's Italian, Clark

Have you guys heard of C's Italian? It's this resto in Clark, Pampanga. My mom and I tried it out recently, on another one of our Baguio trips.

Romantic interiors begin with the lighting

Signed plates all over the walls

Award from the Philippine Tatler

My favorite plate. The lady drawn on it reminds me so much of my grandmother, although she was far more reserved than that flamboyant-seeming woman.

More features

Stone walls

An interesting abstract painting

I just thought the patents looked really nice together

To start with, they served us bread and pesto with parmesan. Very fresh and delicious bread, chewy as I like it. The pesto was tasty and perfect.


Double YUM! See that gorgeous crusty texture?

 Their specialty is their panizza-- it's just like pizza except that it's really thin and you're supposed to wrap it around some veg! Fabulous. 

Fresh arugula and alfalfa

We ordered Panizza Millionario. From the menu: "The famous cheese sauce infused with tomato paste and white truffle oil topped with shrimp and herbs." PERFECT! It was really crisp and cheesy, with just the right amount of chewiness and plenty of flavor. We pretty much polished off the whole panizza!

Snapper fillet wrapped in vine leaf: oven baked with tomatoes in virgin olive oil and white wine presented over parmesan and mushroom risotto. It was excellent risotto, as there were actually LARGE and FAIR pieces of fresh portobello mushroom in it (very much unlike the pathetic and sad excuses that so deludedly call themselves mushroom risottos). As for the fish, it was cooked just right and went excellently with the tangy tomatoes and the rich risotto.

And here is a photograph of our very sweet and helpful server.

And of course we just HAD to have dessert, which came in the form of lemon cheesecake. Magnifique! It was airy and tart and rich and creamy and cheesy. Perfect end to a perfect meal with my most beloved and wonderful mother! :)


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