Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quickie Lunch at Starbucks

This is the fairly new Starbucks in the Fort, the drive-thru one. 

The interiors are country-like and it has that whole cozy cabin feel to it.
You know what I could really use right now? A Skim Green Tea Latte, preferably venti-sized and specifically from Starbucks please. Because today has been too much of an exhausting day. There's always one in a week. It never fails. And the thought of going to work and seeing my croco-faced boss tomorrow doesn't appeal to me at all. If I could skip work, I totally would and I'd spent half of the day at the gym- truth. The chances are, I'll definitely head to sleep as soon as I finish writing this cause I'm that tired.
Food selection!
Now, I want a cinnamon roll. 
While I was in the Philippines, I went to my dermatologist quite often and that lead to a quickie lunch at Starbucks. And Starbucks runs remind me of my DLSU friends and their crazy antics. 

It wasn't too pleasing.
I had the Hungarian Sausage with Egg and Cheese. It really annoys me when thick cheese in sandwiches aren't melted. It's a crime I tell you cause it distracts you from all the other things happening from your lovely sandwich. There were epic portions of egg but it fell short when it came to the Hungarian Sausage which was an absolute bummer.

Oh yes, nothing better.
I was too preoccupied drinking, I didn't take a picture of the actual latte.
And of course, a Starbucks run wouldn't be complete without my Skim Green Tea Latte. It's a green tea latte, I can't really say much about it except I absolutely love it. It soothes me, weirdly. So when I'm stressed, it's definitely a quick fix. 

Starbucks Coffee

32nd St. cor. Rizal Drive, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 818-1013

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