Saturday, April 2, 2011

Potatoes & Bravery

One happy morning in Hong Kong, my siblings and I gallivanted out of the hotel in pursuit of breakfast!

We ended up in Tin Lok Bakery (which was only, like, 10 meters away from our hotel. Hahaha)

I think the Chinese there means Happy Day Bakery, but it's anyone's guess! Hohoho.

Individual pizzas on display

Egg tarts (sorry, no comparison to the authentic ones from North Point! Click HERE to read about them)

And here we get our first up-close glimpse of the potatoes (after which this post's title was named)

Siblings being cute and pig-like. I swear, this was candid.

Muffins and breads. Carbs galoooore!

And this was what we settled on-- baked mashed potatoes!!! They were buttery and soft  (and awfully carb-y... Every bite sang in your head, "I'm going to your thighs, I'm gonna be cellulite...") and topped with melty, gooey cheese and fatty bacon! So good. Here we have bacon and cheese, MINE...

And mushroom and cheese, Sister's! (Sorry, but mine was better. The bacon and the FAT really makes a good match with the mashed potatoes!)

And crabsticks and cheese, Brother's! (Mine was still better. Hehehe)

Cheers, D

P.S. I'm so happy! Do you know the feeling you get when you KNOW that you did the right thing? That you made the right choice? I've been plagued for two whole years of my life about a certain decision, and a few months ago I finally made a choice and STUCK to it (not entirely on my own... It was only through the help of all the loving people around me!). Slowly, it became clearer and clearer how RIGHT that choice of mine was! And now, so many amazing and good things are happening to me now, things that couldn't be happening if I didn't muster up my courage to make aforementioned choice! So I say, one of the most important things I've ever learned is to LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND BE BRAVE!

I hope you are all as happy as I am. :)

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