Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chef Ahoy's Chewkies


So there was this delightful day when my sister was extremely nice and bought me these CHEWKIES. 

We have this thing where we buy a lovely surprise for each other (a few weeks ago, I bought her a pack of happy Marks and Spencer ginger cookies coated with dark chocolate). 

Anyway, once you put these Chewkies in your mouth, you'd wanna stuff the whole Chewkie in...NOM NOM NOM.   

Home-Baked Temptations they are..

LOOK AT IT! don't you just wanna reach in and grab it?

These magical things taste like peanut butter and raisins BUT they still taste good, very good.
And yes, you can still taste the chocolate.
Chewy cookies=Chewkies

food is an excellent source of joy,
Daryl's sister

Chewkies by Chef Ahoy
Chef Ahoy Patisserie et al

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