Saturday, March 5, 2011

Breakfast, HK-style

My little sister* says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And she is certainly the sort to walk the talk-- especially when it comes to breakfast. She never, ever, ever misses breakfast. And neither do I.

In HK, we usually stick to one particular sort of breakfast: the sort you can get only in HK! We always hit Ocean Empire at least once, and try other places for the rest of the stay. One place we tried was this:

Sorry, but I read write no Chineesey!** I don't know how to say that, so I can't give you some mangled pronunciation via my sad version of fake Pinyin. SORRY. Let's just pretend it's called Know Happy Restaurant. Because I know that the first word is part of two words that make up "know", and that the fourth word is also part of a pair of words that mean "happy." OH GEEZ. My Chinese is really pathetic. Anyway, here are the prerequisites for an HK brekkie:

 #1: Lemon coke.
#2. Steamed turnip pudding. With hoisin sauce, tiny dried shrimps, peanut sauce, and chili sauce. OHBOY.

#2.5 (for mature, serious, and stiff adults): Coffee. I do not drink coffee (that makes me a fun and lively person. HAHAHA)
#3. Fried donut rice rolls. SO. GOOD. A perfectly crispy, chewy, crunchy fried donut wrapped in a peaceful-tasting***, freshly made steamed rice roll.

 #4. CONGEE. We ate bowls and bowls of it. For a congee monkey like myself, HK is heaven.

I love HK so much, I should be ambassador. Or be part of their tourist promotions. Maybe if I could sing, I could come out on telly, dancing, with the wind blowing my skirts and with blue eyeshadow. Hahaha. I laugh.


PS: A photo of the gorgeous fried donuts. YUMMM. Perfect with Vitasoy!

*Who is quite grown-up, and not so little anymore.
** therefore, I am determined to study in China upon graduation
*** Yes, I just described a food as peaceful-tasting. Because it really is. I can imagine monks eating those in the Himalayan mountains.

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