Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HK Disneyland


So have you missed me? :) 

I've just been REALLY busy lately! But here I am now, to ENTERTAIN! :D

My backlog's really, really, really LONG. I know I ought to be more responsible... But the most I can promise is that I'll be as entertaining as ever. Hahaha. 

Welcome to the Maxim's inside HK Disneyland!*

Cutie patootie china! :D

Chinese veg!

Orange jooooos

White chicken! For the nth time.** :|

Siopao/pork buns!

Fried shrimp wontons! NOMNOM! Filled with pork fat.***

Fried shrimp rolls, super cute presentation! :D

Beef balls, my favoriiiite

Leek dumplings

the last surviving hakaw (shrimp dumpling)

and my fluffy little sister with myself

and aforementioned fluffy sister with brother. we love her too much.


PS I'm almost free and I seriously can't wait for that FREEDOM FEELING. 

*I love HK Disneyland. It's the only one I've ever been too :| However, I HAVE been there 10000 times.

** I hate white chicken. It looks and tastes sad/anemic. GIVE ME MY BEEEEEEF


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