Saturday, March 12, 2011

BenBry Burgers, Manly

Perfect Backdrop for the Perfect Lunch.
They have markets on the weekends!:)
Hey hey, it's SATURDAY. What better way would there be to start the weekend other than hanging around the beach with a burger and a bottle of ginger beer? My favorite beach, my juicy burger, crisp chips, and the ultimate spiced ginger beer. And Adriano Zumbo after. Bliss.

The weather is pleasant today, nah, actually more than pleasant, PERFECT! I think I talk about weather too much these days. That's the problem when you live in a place with four seasons! So it was really sunny today (yay shorts, flip flops, and sunnies!), fair enough, there was a breeze to go with it as well.

The plan was to have lunch at Chat Thai but unfortunately, we couldn't find it so we settled with BenBry Burgers.* There's a full range of stuff on the menu, they have a lot varied patties as well. There was beef, chicken, lamb, felafel, and tofu. Talk about choices. Everything looked enticing which made picking close to impossible.

Dad got the BenBry Burger with Cheddar cheese. He was playing it too plain and simple- boring! The burgers on the menu were all so inspired each having a similarity to one another and yet they're very different, like worlds apart different. I wanted to a nice beefy one too but beef makes me FAT, so I went for lamb which wasn't really a compromise!

A big bag full of chippies!
Chips! I love chips to no end! See? I love my carbs! At BenBry, they called them fries which isn't a term that is commonly used here down under. They were possibly double-fried! I wanted more chicken salt though!** Other than that, I thought they were a dream.

Open Mouthed BenBry Burger.
Prime Australian Beef, lettuce, tomato, red onion
BenBry aioli & sauce tomate.
The burger patties for both of the burgers were quite thin and flat, but the thing is, the burger is HUGE. Believe me when I say HUGE. The beef burger was one that was mastered and executed to the best that it could possibly be. It might be a plain jane beef burger, but it was done impeccably.

Would it really cure hangovers? I doubt it.
Hash brown, avocado, tomato, lettuce,
egg, cheddar cheese, smokey bbq sauce
& BenBry aioli!

I must mention that I had the Hangover Cure last time and it was possibly the most inspired and whacky burger I've ever had. I loved it a bit too much.

Prime Australian Lamb with cumin,
lettuce, tomato, red onion, BenBry aioli& tzatziki!

The lamb burger was aptly named lamblicious! It was thoroughly spiced with the cumin that gave it the exotic flare.*** It was balanced with the tzatziki. They complemented each other, as if they were made for one another. HAHA. The sesame bun that the flat burgers came in was great too. Everything was great. I told you it's the perfect day. Plus, I went to Adriano Zumbo's afterwards, but let's save that for next time.

GINGER BEER FTW, nothing compares.
Even though they might not be the best looking burgers on the block, they tasted epic. Even if they were pretty flat, they were filling. I had one hell of a happy stomach after.

The BenBry Burgers Guarantee
"We guarantee that your BenBry Burger will be the healthiest, 
high protein, low fat burger you'll eat, 
simply because we are A BITE ABOVE THE REST"

BenBry Burgers
5 Sydney Road,
Manly, New South Wales

Tel: 9977 6055

*Not really settled since BenBry has ridiculously good burgers!

**Just so you know, chicken salt is a seasoning they use here. It makes everything 10 times more tasty. Reminds me a bit of msg, but not.

***When I say exotic, I mean foreign, like Moroccan.

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