Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert House, Chinatown

Hi, hello, there has been a ton on my mind lately- cycling, the Beatles, cardboard models, Ferran Adria, bathrooms, running, and the infamous new iPad. It's quite the range of stuff, yeah? I'm listening to Beatles right now, and I think they're fabulous! I say that in the most non-gay way! With regard to the bathroom, we're designing one, fixtures and the works!:)

Isn't that a hilarious name?
You'd prolly think it's a supermarket or something else in that category!
I've been out so much lately which obviously leads to eating out and other stuff. So after a crazy indulgent and filling lunch at Happy Chef, you'd think that there's not going to be any more food calories! Why don't you guess again? Late last year, there was this lucrative dessert store that has the longest lines. Seriously, it was crazy and there were times that it would go around the block. And since the fad has faded (a tad), it was time to check it out!*

You see, the staff is talented, she makes the desserts too,
on top of that, she cleans the tables!
Talk about Asians being stingy with employment.
For me, it's a bit reminiscent of the dessert shacks in Hong Kong.** This one happens to be Taiwanese, it's also a cleaner and more refined version. Well, not that I'm trying to be all racist, but there weren't a lot of white people in view cause I reckon it was a bit intimidating. I'm Chinese and even I it's intimidating, what more for the whites? It all starts with the menu, they basically have the same core thing (taro balls, herbal jelly, crushed ice, tofu pudding, whipped cream tea) with the slightest variations aka the toppings. 
I had the hardest time deciding. Everything seemed to similar to each other, not to mention there weren't a lot of food pictures around.

The No. 2 Herbal Jelly
Fancy Shmancy, it's just grass jelly.

Meet Fresh Noodle Jelly Crushed Ice
Pearls, Red Bean, Taro Balls, Noodle Jelly & Cream!
We settled for a herbal jelly and a crushed ice dish. Mind you, I won't be able to describe both dishes accurately cause this type of grub just isn't my turf. There are plenty of elements and all of them coexist in harmony and it's just amazingly mind blowing.*** Both dishes I found equally interesting, they were equally good too they were outrageously good and I'll definitely head back for more! I think it's the perfect thing for summer. Wait, it's also going to be a-okay for winter since you could have most of the desserts hot as well!:)

Meet Fresh
13 Goulburn Street
(corner of Dixon, next to Mamak)
Haymarket, Chinatown, Sydney

*Yes, I do try to wait for fads (LIKE RESTAURANTS!) to subside before I jump in since I'm ever so impatient to wait in line! But I'm all in for fads whenever I could make reservations!

** If you haven't tried the dessert shacks in HK, you'll be damned. It's something that is too wonderful to pass up. It's no exaggeration. I used to go there to compete in swimming with the rewarding desserts in mind.

***I'm so amazed how people (Chinese, HK& Taiwanese in particular) could come up with these witty concoctions, specifically melding the sweet and savoury elements together. Salute!

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