Friday, March 25, 2011

Dulcinea Churros Con Chocolate

You know you're tired when..

You fell asleep in the bus on the way to school.

You had to concentrate extra hard to listen to the lecturer who can't even pronounce feature and future properly.

You made up the best excuse to go home early. I'm going to the library. 

You fell asleep again in the bus on the way home.

Your usual bed time is never before 12mn and you plan of collapsing in bed around 9pm.

And you spill water all over your keyboard (thank God it didn't die) at 8:30pm.

It's been a hell of a week and basically, what I wrote above was precisely what happened today. I guess late nights are taking their toll. I intend to have a fantastic night's rest and head straight to the gym tomorrow right before lunch. SOUNDS GOOD, right?

The only thing that could make me feel better would be a brownie with a glass of skim milk or a plate of churros with hot chocolate. Sadly, both aren't in my reach right now. I couldn't say I didn't try, I went brownie hunting in the city, and I didn't get to buy any since I wouldn't settle for cheap nasty stuff.

Such a dream.
So anyway, Dulcinea, carbonara, and churros. It brings flooding memories back, you know? When I was younger and everything seemed so full of joy and life! These days, only stressful days and sleepless nights head my way. On to the churros! They are perfectly cooked, brown, hot, and crisp. They're bundles of deep fried joy! And of course, what would churros be without the hot pot of chocolate? I tell you, they're the perfect couple; they don't even contrast each other. And when the time comes that run out of churros, you could always drink the chocolate all up. It's too rich and tasty to pass up.

Never tried churros con chocolate? You should be ashamed. Tomorrow, after going to the gym, I'll hunt for brownies or churros- again!


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