Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hero Teppanyaki, Chatswood, Australia

Instead of properly drawing
I start doodling
How appropriate
BTW, World's Greatest Shave in the background.
 I've been thinking.
It pays to be WILD cause you'll only live once!
I should be drawing up some perspective sketches and making some painstaking models right now, but instead I'm writing a post. Not because I'm compelled to, but I think it's a rather pleasant outlet for me to unwind and destress. And if I do have time after all of this, I will catch up on all my culinary readings.

We celebrated my auntie's birthday last week, she treated us out for Japanese Food. My cousin got excited at the prospect of teppanyaki.* Apparently, this one in Chatswood is quite popular so we tried it out!

Teppan Fried Udon with Prawns and Hokkaido Squid
YAY for Bonito Flakes!
This dish I found quite bland, there was no layering of flavors or anything of that sort. The seafood that came with it was pristine and fresh. Finally, the main star of the show, the udon was perfectly, perfectly cooked. It had a nice bite to it.

There were tiger prawns, shrimp, salmon, scallops, and squid!
One of the popular things on the menu is the Assorted Teppan Seafood Plate, there were no doubts about this dish. All the seafood were really fresh and everything was timed properly such that nothing was overcooked.

The thing that I liked the least was the Chicken Thigh Yakitori. It was 100% like chicken teriyaki but it was dry cause the chicken pieces weren't uniformly cut.

Miso Chicken dominated by Beansprouts!

Some of the other things we had were the Sizzling Miso Chicken and the Kinoko and Wakame Udon. The sizzling miso chicken did appear to be rather interesting and appetizing; but the udon just looked like a bit of a pavlova.

Hero Teppanyaki
Shop B 040, 
Chatswood Chase 
Shopping Centre
345 Victoria Avenue

*Her definition of teppanyaki is people chucking food from the hot griddle to your plate. YIKES.

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