Monday, March 21, 2011

The Chocolate Duo That Makes Me Swoon


It's incomparable, it's probably like my drug, my ecstasy- it's MY thing. I find each and every reason to have it. I'm picky picky though, I favor dark chocolate over anything else.

Which leads me to my two favorite chocolate picks- The Magnum Temptation Chocolate and Green & Black's 70% Organic Chocolate. They might not be the routine things that you'd buy in the grocery since it will probably break your bank.

Drumroll please!

It's like a block of holy gold!

See the thick coating?
See the oozing ganache?
The Magnum Temptation Chocolate Bar is nothing BUT HAPPINESS. It's the best popsicle out there. Trust me with this, I may eat ice cream every now and then but I do know a good one. The packaging completely sells the product already, it has a very luxurious vibe- WIN. There's an extremely thick chocolate coating that envelopes the whole bar. Small chunks of Belgian white chocolate are constantly present perfectly distributed throughout the popsicle. The brownies are the same story as well. Finally, there's a syrupy chocolate ganache that constantly oozes from within. It's heavenly.

I hate to say goodbye, you know?

It's no secret that I have a huge thing for Green & Black's! All their bars fully extract and present the flavor (ie Maya Gold, Butterscotch, Caramel). They're really really tasty and you'd often spot a bar or two on my desk. I'd definitely say it's a staple of mine.

For really gloomy depressing days, I prescribe MAGNUM! But when it comes to a chocolate craving, Green & Black's is the sure answer!:) 

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