Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stewed Peaches with Cinnamon & Toasted Macadamias on Oatmeal

Fact: I like Oh Mercy!

Fact: I love breakfast!

Fact: You know it's going to be a great day when you're listening to Oh Mercy and having breakfast.

Fact: I have oatmeal around 4 times a week for breakfast.*


Proof: Stewed Peaches with Cinnamon & Toasted Macadamias on Oatmeal.

Yesterday evening, I was tired and shy of a fever, but this morning, it's as if everything has changed. I feel a ton better and relaxed. So I made my way to the kitchen wondering what I would have for brekkie. I was like oh, OATMEAL again. Until I opened the fridge and found peaches.** And some macadamias in the cabinet. And I was like OHHH.

Stewed Cinnamon Peaches= Sliced cubes of peaches+ drizzle of honey+ a pinch of two of cinnamon+ a few drips of water+ pinch of salt. Cook it until the juices come out, don't overcook or else you might end up with jam. They should be soft but still yield some sort of bite.

Dry toasted macadamias on a nonstick pan. Simple.

Cooked oatmeal as you usually would!

Final result: A healthy and worthy brekkie! The peaches bloom into a much more intense flavor and the macadamia takes care of the texture of the dish. YUM. This is the way to start the day.

* 4 times? That's heaps! That's cause it's good for my diet, by diet I mean nutrition. It's full of fiber & some other good stuff!:)

** Please don't use the canned stuff, it's REPULSIVE.

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