Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mercato Centrale: One Last Hurrah with My Tankers.

I once called myself a DLSU Green Tanker.

So.. what is a tanker? A dedicated swimmer who wakes up in time for 5:30am training every weekday. Training isn't just all about swimming, there's gym, running, and water polo too. But there's still a lot more to it, there are bonds and friendships. And the last two things the most important.

The Saturday morning before I left, my friends and I had a bloody good pig out session at Mercato Centrale.* It's no secret how much we love to eat. Chances are, whenever you see a "food trip" post, I was with the tankers. They're so keen to try new things which makes everything an adventure.**

There were no breaks, everybody was overly full. Two thumbs up.

#1 Manang's Chicken
I liked it a lot! The sesame seeds made everything ultimately Asian. Though I liked it, I my heart still goes to Bon Chon. (click here and here) But for the price, I definitely have to give props!:)

#2 Smokehouse Sandwiches
Even though it was more on the more expensive side, I really enjoyed this. It's beef brisket cooked/smoked for 30 hours with coffee and strawberry. The flavors were spot on and very much fresh! The sweet potato chips were quite a revelation as well.

#3 Offbeat: The Wieneke Kitchen
This burger have been drawing so much attention. I've seen it in numerous articles so I just had to try! HAD TO TRY! Many people have been saying that it's pretty weird cause it's a sweet glazed donut and a beefy patty. But it works, just if you don't have too much! They even say do you want more ham in the house? Talk about pigging out.

#4 Merry Moo
Merry Mooooo! Isn't that the cutest name ever? I salute to the mighty mind behind this. I had the Earl Grey Ice Cream and it was super super super good. It captured all the flavors perfectly! I heard sometimes they have other funkier flavors like strawberry-basil! UGH. MUST TRY.

#5 The other sum of things that I tried
These were the other things that my friends had. I just had to steal a bite or two from them. Warning: there's was even more food than displayed!

Meet the tanker foodies. :)
Such a happy crowd hey
Mercato Centrale
Corner of 30th street and 9th avenue
 (in front of The Spa at Bonifacio High Street)

*It's a friendly environment where foodies mingle and have hell of a good time doing nothing else but eating.  And yes, you might've heard it a couple of times from Our Awesome Planet cause they totally hammered the place- not kidding. So click here for more details!

** Nothing I love more than an absolute smacking adventure!

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