Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lunch, HK-style

Confession 1: I used to want to be a housewife. YES, REALLY. That was once my greatest dream in life.*

Confession 2: I forgot to take a photo of the name of the restaurant where we ate. Thus the title's slightly ambiguous nature, conveniently related-sounding to another post (entitled Breakfast, HK-style). 

Confession 3: It was quite a good meal, so I am rather sad I can't refer you guys to it. If it were a crappy meal, maybe I'd feel a bit better about neglecting to photograph the name of the establishment! However, we shall find comfort in the fact that it really was a TYPICAL HK lunch so I think it gives one a pretty good idea of what to expect when dining in HK during afternoons.. :)

Pretty interiors!

Soupy dumplings. REALLY good. I think the wrappers were tofu skins!

Malay cake, which I have officially eaten enough of (from Gloria Maris!)

The ubiquitous xiao long bao

Veggies! This one's called Dao Miao and it's my absolute favorite sort of veg. They don't have it here in Manila so I always order it in HK! :) Almost all of the Hk restaurants have it and I highly recommend it!

Beef balls. WONDERFUL with Lea and Perrins' Worcestire sauce! I've yet to sample crappy beef balls in Hong Kong. So I say, when in HK, check out them beef balls!

Fish balls (the marine version of beef balls). It's really a very disgusting and pathetic substitute for beef balls. It's like saying you'd rather date Jolina Magdangal instead of Olivia Wilde.**

Black pepper beef. YUM.

Fried shrimp rolls with sesame seeds. Ho-hum.


*Not that I look down on housewives. I think it's a perfectly respectable and wonderful thing to devote one's life to caring for one's children and husband. It's just not for me (anymore).

**Not that that would ever happen. Because Olivia Wilde is just TOO sexy!

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