Friday, March 18, 2011

Merry Little Simple Lunch

It's always the question.
Hocus Pocus, Focus! If only it was easier said than done. I find my thoughts drifting far far away these days. That's why I haven't been actively posting. It's too hard to find the concentration. If you knew what was going on, you'd undoubtedly understand. I'm losing my balance and I'm so eager to get it back.

So far, I've been eating mindlessly but thank God I haven't gained a pound, in fact, I've lost two or three. I've messed up a project or two. I've cried one, twice, or thrice. I haven't cleaned my room.* I haven't folded my clothes from the laundry. I cram all my assignments up until the last minute. I listen to techno music.**

Fingers crossed things will get better, and I'll get back to my rhythm. Enough about me, and more about food- there's absolutely no better way to distract myself.

See the wholegrain mustard peeping out?
Since I've discovered wholegrain mustard,
I've never looked back. 
Agenda: Lunch.
Solution: Vietnamese bun with chicken breast, lettuce, wholegrain mustard, and vintage cheddar cheese.
Highlight: Toasted crunchy hot bun & papaya.

If you're wondering what that coral thing is,
it's SALMON. There was only a sliver left
so I just stuffed it in there!
I'm leaning to Western stuff when I'm having my lunch. I always have a sandwich for lunch. I think people underestimate sandwiches, especially in the Philippines. They're so simple to make plus it's really balanced. Given the right combos, sandwiches could be spot on- they'll change your world!

I try to have as much fruits I can in my diet cause it's definitely a healthier alternative compared to processed biscuits, chips, and all those other snacks! You've got to love papaya or pawpaw as they sometimes call it here. It's tropical, sweet, and refreshing! Isn't that grand?

Those simple things make up a splendid meal. If you despise sandwiches, you're missing out big time. So go make yourself one now! It doesn't really matter what you put in it, it just has to make some sort of sense cause it's not like you'd put a cereal or stew in a sandwich. There aren't any rules, it's just all about the vibes, all about the love!

PS. I could totally use a BIG FAT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE right now!

* It's not likely of me not cleaning my room. I extremely sensitive to dust and I like to organize a bit too much. Frankly, my room happens to look like one big dumpster at the moment.

** Please, I don't even like techno. I'm a Jazz lady.

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