Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cafe by the Ruins, Baguio, AGAIN :)

My mom and I went to Baguio last weekend to attend a close family friend's engagement. We also had to fulfill some very important business: eat at Cafe by the Ruins!!!

Since I only had my sad Cybershot camera with me the last time I was at Cafe by the Ruins, this time, I fully took advantage of my new s95. Which is like, only the BEST, most value-for-money camera the world has ever seen. Ever. It's portable, light, easy to use (virtually idiot-proof), takes great photos, and has a long camera life. I am in love with it.

Enjoy the photos! :)

So this is the entrance....

And here is the delightful selection of freshly baked goods on sale. They have pan de sal, kamote bread, even GINGER SNAPS.

Airy, rustic interiors...

Everything's made of wood!

The menu is covered in a tribal weave.

and says that their customers are a real random sample of the Philippine population.

So here's the FOOD! First off: Baguio Bounty salad. This was glorious. Fresh, fresh, FREEEESH greens with tons of fruit and toppings on it. It had blueberries, bananas, strawberries, mangos, shrimp, chicken. GLORIOUS, I tell you.

Just LOOK at that! It seriously makes me want to marry a farmer. Then I could eat fresh organic veg all the time. :) A farmer who loves to toss salads for his bratty wife. A funny, smart farmer who loves to toss salads for his bratty wife....

Mushroom-stuffed fried wontons, served with chutney...

Look how PERFECTLY CRISPY it is.

Fried shitake mushrooms...

...on a bed of watercress and lettuce.

My mom had the breakfast plate: fried egg with homemade bacon and mountain rice.

And also mongo soup.

I had Ole Nick's sandwich. It's supposedly national artist Nick Joaquin's favorite sarnie, made of thickly buttered bread, covered in tuna and egg, then deepfried! 

Served with kamote fries! TASTY!

I miss Cafe by the Ruins already! :)


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