Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Steak Sandwich

So, I'm writing a list of things that I have to do before Friday. It's a heck of a long list, but hey, whatever, I love making lists. It's my thing, you know? I can make lists probably out of anything, I'm not kidding, mind you. I even make lists on my iPod when I'm on the bus. It sounds a little far fetched- the way I'm obsessive compulsive when it comes to these sorts of things! I even have a particular notepad for it. And a notebook for each and every other thing.* One of the things on my list at the moment involves drawing spaceships and space stations.** SIGH.

But there are days that I don't need to make lists, you know? It's free flowing cause I'll only have one or two items on my plate. It's not fiddly or hurried, it's relaxed. It's fun to have those sort of slow days every now and again- which brings me to My Steak Sandwich. 

I came up with My Steak Sandwich on a slow day. I went downstairs to make lunch, I was planning to have a plain salmon sandwich. But then I saw last night's leftover steak sitting on the counter. I could only swear that it was calling my name. Really. So with a little bit of thinking, I came up with My Steak Sandwich.

My Steak Sandwich= Slices of steak***, fried egg, lettuce, cheese & HP sauce!

- The steak was simply seasoned with Steak Pepper before it was grilled.
- Fried Egg. I've been taught in culinary school that it's wrong to fry an egg until it goes brown and cripsy on the edges. But that's the way I like it, more texture, more character! And it was briefly flipped on the other side to let it cook a bit.
- Cheese. I like my aged Cheddar with this.
- HP sauce. It might not be familiar to everybody, it's much like the A1 steak sauce!

Perfect Side= Salted crisps straight from the package**** and Ketchup!
-I think plain crisps with a sandwich (like this one) is sad without ketchup.

It sorta reminds me of breakfast cause of the eggs. But it's an absolutely lip-smacking dish to have!:) I've got to attend to the things on my list now! Ta!

* I love my notebooks a little too much.
The list of notebooks I do have:
1. A food, weight & exercise journal- updated daily.
2. One filled with my recipes- tried and tested.
3. A notebook for all my restaurant reviews/posts in the Fils.
4. Of course, there's a counterpart for Australia.
5. The Secret Notebook which allows me to visualize the "FUTURE"!
6. And the final one is just for tasks, all the tasks that I have to get over with in a day.

** I'm getting so sick of the drawing all these spaceships for a class. I'm a girl, I don't like stuff like spaceships. They're too complex, geeky, and annoying.

*** I mean I could just bang in the whole slab of steak but I didn't cause you know how when you'd bite into sandwiches and sometimes it feels like you need to wrestle with the meat before you get the proper bite? That was a long ass sentence, but yeah, it gets annoying so yeah, I cut it up.

**** More often that not, I am extremely busy so I didn't bother to fry my own crisps! If I was always lounging around however, I wouldn't mind making my own custom crisps! Plus, you've gotta admit that crinkle cut ones are sexy.

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