Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Berting's Grill, The Ultimate Pulutan Place

I like fried food. It's so crunchy, greasy, and satisfying. Which brings me to Pulutan, which is also known as pub grub in the Philippines. Initially, these fried treats are heavenly, but after one drink too many, I wouldn't be too cheery about it.

You know the Philippines, where bars/pubs are everywhere and the drinks are cheap as chips.* And of course, with the drinks come pulutan. There are some phenomenal hole in the wall places for these, case and point, Berting's Grill.

My mom claims that she's found a fantastic restaurant at the Ortigas Home Depot Complex.** They have really good homy food at dirt cheap prices. Little did I know it was one of those restaurant come bar places.  But of course, I didn't mind the slightest bit cause that just means that there's going to be damn good fried food.

Just so you know
I told you they have quirky names.
On the menu they have the most quirky kitsch names, but hey, that doesn't really matter when the food is promising.

I love how the stem is still poking out!
Perfect way to pick up and eat!
You could hardly see the cheese though!
Lumpia ni Berting. It's totally reminiscent of my days at DLSU. They have this cafeteria, and there's a stall there that sells cheese sticks, mojos, french fries, and CHEESE STUFFED CHILI. I know it sounds quite odd, but trust me, it's one of the most tasty and fascinating things, ever. So with this version, there's a green chili stuffed with mince and cheese, then it's wrapped in a spring roll wrapper then deep fried to golden perfection. Don't get intimidated cause the spiciness factor is close to ZERO.

Have you ever stuffed your mouth with small crabs? Or crablets rather? I have, and I'm not ashamed of it. In front of me lay a plate of lightly battered tiny crabs. They're crisp and fresh. It's a total foodgasm once you dip it into the vinegar and plunge it into your mouth. YUM.

Dory smothered with the special sauce
So the last crispy thing was Crispy Dory in Butter Sauce. The sauce is really something. It's actually margarine, not butter, and there are pieces of capers and what not. The fleshy fillet of Dory compliments the sauce very well. It's a complete firecracker.

I told you everything was deep fried. There was no drinking involved, therefore, I didn't feel sick at all afterwards. It's almost 9pm and I haven't had dinner, I would kill to go to Berting's right now!

Berting's Grill
Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas
Pasig City

Tel: 706 7800

* It's like the ultimate ideal thing for partying!
** Ortigas Home Depot, weird, right? It's cause my mom often goes hunting for house stuff there!

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