Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Beautiful Breakfast

So my backlog is really, really, REALLY long but I just had the most fabulous breakfast today and I can't resist sharing it! I think this is the first updated post I've posted (redundant much?) in a long, long, long time! 

Last night, I was reading my sister's copy of The Mysterious Benedict Society* and flipping through Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Dinners. I chanced upon his recipe for FRENCH TOAST, and decided to make it for breakfast!

Crusty, thick bread, buttered on both sides

Oranges for juice

Coco sugar, a nice alternative to sugar or honey (which turns toxic when heated. Or so they say)

Bananas and apples

Apples and kiwis (what I ate while cooking!)



Oats and butter

Ta-da! On the left, pan fried apples with crunchy oats and raisins. Center, epic french toast. Rightmost, grapefruit! I had this beautiful breakfast with orange juice.

Here's what made the french toast so AMAZING. It was stuffed with mashed bananas and raisins!

My modified recipe for french toast (originally Jamie Oliver's):

Raisins (or berries)
Butter (LOTS!)
Sugar (or sugar substitute, or honey)

1. Butter bread on BOTH sides. So everything's nice and buttery.**
2. Mash bananas and mix with raisins. Add sugar to taste.
3. Spread the fruit paste (from number 3) onto buttered bread slices and press together to make a sandwich.
4. Beat eggs, and soak your sandwich in the eggs til they sop as much egg as they can.
5. Fry in butter over medium heat, remove when perfectly browned.

Jamie Oliver's Stewed Apples (Can also be served as a topping over oatmeal)

Apples, cubed
Sugar (or sugar substitute, or honey)

1. Melt butter on pan. Fry/toast oats in butter until crisp. 
2. Add apples, and sugar, lowering heat to keep oats from burning.
3. When the apple cubes look nice and caramel-y, turn off fire and add cinnamon!

Easy? Yes. :) As I've said before, I'm a real bum when it comes to cooking! I only make the things that require MINIMUM EFFORT and provide MAXIMUM RETURNS!


*I'd give it a 6/10. It's like a fake Harry Potter. I didn't really enjoy it but I couldn't NOT finish it. Now I'm reading Jonathan Littel's The Kindly Ones. Or trying to read it, at least! There's too much technical stuff about war which is turning out to be pretty bo-riiiing.

** DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. You will be greatly rewarded! I was tempted to just butter one side (because as I've said, I'm rather lazy) but I was so glad I followed Jamie O's instructions when I ate the french toast. The butter went so MAGICALLY well with the mashed bananas. It was really heaven!

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