Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mochiko: Mochi and Ice Cream

Mochiko at Mercato Centrale
In the midst of unpacking, I found a Mochiko flyer in my little black book.* I know I should get started blogging about my finds here in Australia again, but I still have so many posts up my sleeve.

I first tried Mochiko at Mercato Centrale when I went with my mum. We brought a box of 6 home for the whole family to try. And of course, nothing excites the family like a newly found dessert.

We had:
Green Tea, Red Bean, Black Sesame
Chocolate, Caramel, and Vanilla Rose 
Well, the texture of the mochi wrapper was fine, but because it was folded over  to wrap the ice cream, some parts were annoyingly thick. The people at Mochiko suggested to thaw it for 2 minutes before eating but even after 2 minutes, they were hard as rocks. 

Mister Caramel.
The ice cream inside is said to be from Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC), I mean it's not bad, but it most certainly doesn't jump of the page as well. From the selection that we had, my favorite was probably the Vanilla Rose- it's vanilla with rosewater. It may sound a tad odd, but it was something new and refreshingly different from the norm. 

Black Sesame
I told you the proportion of mochi to ice cream
is a little bit whacked.
What would be nice is if they made the portions smaller so the amount of the ice cream and mochi would be in proportion. Having that in mind, it will take a shorter time to thaw as well. Another thing would be INNOVATION. Innovation is what keeps businesses in business! Something like a blueberry mochi wrapper with a ricotta cheese ice cream would be very new and inventive! There are so many flavor combinations out there that are just fantastic! It's just a matter of finding them and having them work for your benefit. 

Mercato Centrale

*My little black book is totally different from the socialites'. Mine contains restaurant reviews and good food recipes. It's undeniable that I'm a big foodie. By big, I didn't mean fat.


  1. The serving seems alright. The mochi wrap might get too chewy if it gets any thicker. the ice cream serving is quite fair for its price. Also pardon the slight intermission, but this short review says that the 2 minutes waiting time depends on the temperature outside? Maybe it isnt a strict instruction? Peace ^^

  2. AGREED! We have the same sentiments!:)


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