Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ocean Empire, HK. MUST-TRY!

Here's the one place you really CANNOT miss when you're in Hong Kong. 


OCEAN EMPIRE (that's what those Chinese characters there say. This I know because I am very fluent in the language. Not)

Welcome to heaven!!!!!!!

The best congee the world has to offer. I am neither lying nor drunk. It is tasty, clean-tasting, delicious, delicious, delicious, DELICIOUS!!!

Pretty irrelevant to how wonderful their chow tastes, but I thought it was cool that their tables have hidden chopstick drawers at the sides. Hehehe.

Fried donut rice roll. The best. Perfectly crisp donut in a perfectly thin rice roll. It really doesn't get any better than this.

Shrimp rice roll. Happy fat shrimps, nothing sad and old here!

Turnip pudding! Heavenly, with sesame seeds on top! I eat this with peanut, hoisin, and chili sauce.

And curry balls. This isn't really my thing-- my dad just orders it for the sake of childhood memories (which I clearly do not share, and consequently I can't appreciate these). It's just squidballs in curry sauce. :)

That was fast. Now I can talk about myself. Kidding! I'm in a bit of a flurry-hurry because I've yet to get ready to go out! Hope you are all as HAPPY as I am! :)

Cheers and love, 

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